Saturday, March 10, 2007

Worrywart, blek

Current time 2.19 am
Don't feel like sleeping yet, so I went and read Licia's blog...ooh an update ^^, i always get excited when i read a new post on her blog. Hehe, but today i dunno why kinda feel strange. I feel that I worry bout her too much =P. I tend to imagine stuff, but i always get the feeling that she has some sort of trouble. I know everyone sure has their own problems, and me think that I always ask "are u alright?" will piss ppl off >__<
Haha, but i really care bout Licia, all I want is to make sure she is happy =). Hope its just my imagination onli i relli think too much, ish ish...gotta bang my head more.
Haha even little things like nv get a reply from licia, although becoz of connection prob gets me worked up.
baka me >__<


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