Friday, May 19, 2006

Back Again ~_~'''

Today, I felt like writing up a blog and remembered that i used to have one, which is this.....
I left this blog for a long time. I know that I am always doing things half assed. However I want to try to change. I felt like wanting to continue to write up about myself on this blog becoz I felt that by doing this, I am able to do something that is meaningful to change my habit of lack of determination to finish off something which i had started.
Ok, enuff of, nothing much happened to me, woke up at 12 noon and still felt tired from yesterday's football match. I tried to do some assignments and research on my physics poster project but I guess I didn't make much progress after spending many hours...soon it was time for dinner..Oh before that, I played Warcraft 3 with someone and I lost >_< Losing sucks...
We had ABC soup, omelette, veg for dinner, I think it was quite good, I had a nice chat about lots of stuff wif chun, JJ, chun wei, and I am back in my room, writing this up....
Hmm, looking forward to playing another game of DOTA tonite, hope can get enuff players :)


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