Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Hi, this is my first attempt at blogging. It was a lonely night at about 12 am when out of boredom and my repitative mechanism to DOTA and RO that I decided to try something new...just to liven up this dull life of mine.
This past 18 years, I really never had a diary and so wouldn't know the knowledge required to write on a continual basis...as you might know, I can be described as a lazy...blur ( though I hate to admit it) type of guy who couldn't care less. Please duo duo ji gao if I happen to make errors.
That said, I still had a lot to learn about life and I hope that I can share my experiences with you provided that sumthing interesting happens to me (which rarely occurs) >_<. So without further delay, I start to pen the journey of my life, it begins here..... ........ ........... .....


PS - Haha, that introduction speech was quite good eh? Of course, must make myself look good as a first impression ma.


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