Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Working Blues

A few days ago, what I heard was a shock of what is to become of me in the next few months. I have been asked to work for my father in his office as I was spending my days idling away my life at home. So here I am today at work during afterhours writing this blog to record down my experiences.
Being new and all to this field where society goes after their education years made me a complete alien. Fortunately, being the boss's son, I was able to get a degree of freedom and recognition. I am hoping in the near future I would be able to blend as I probably would be spending the next 5 months here. I was appointed to do IT work here, designing catalogues, web pages...stuff like that. It is hard having to wake up and start work everyday from 8.30 to 530. I will continue to try and adjust myself but....
I don't really want to work, I want to stay at home and eat sleep play - Inner voice.
PS- I cant help but doze off at work, it has always been a habit of mine to fall asleep since my schooling days up till now. I think its all those late night dotaing that cause me to be like this. Sigh, DOTA is both a joy and a curse.


Blogger Sky.Live said...

wahahaha.... glad to hear this... endless fun days come to an end..

P/s i love ur skin

5:07 AM  

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