Friday, August 05, 2005


Hi, today I don't have to go to work because every Friday and Saturday is my day off. I guess normal working life is not suitable for me yet....I still want to enjoy.
I slept till 2 pm today, talk about wasting time...What to do, I stayed awake to around 4 am every night. It seems that my biological clock has taken an akward turn making me into some norturnal creature. To tell you the truth, I am the most active from midnight to around 3 am.
Right now, I am just back from a dinner function held for my cousin turning 1 year old. She is so cute, (though I think all babies are cute). Dinner functions don't appeal too much to me. I only ate the first few dishes and after that I am not able to eat anymore. Oh, I also always dig into the desserts.
As for the blog, I finally figure how to add a white background which has opacity to the sidebar. Yes!!
More to learn.


Blogger ai wei said...

that's very nice that you dun have to work on friday? how bout sunday? also dun have to work, right???

well well, be fresh when you are at work, cz i feel working is nice. cz can enhance knowledge!
my working time n urs oso the same. hehe... btw, i hv to wake up at 7am, or earlier e!

sigh... dark circles even darker already


10:00 AM  
Anonymous kaizeru said...

=.= i dun feel like i ever want to work for life....but lets come back to reality.

if possible buddy, take ur time studying and dun rush to work, after kennot enjoy dota life bro work for 3 months that time i see he so cham. everyday work till late late and come back can do nothing.

12:25 PM  
Blogger HimitsuHeart said...

Haha, sigh ya lor, working is tough but we will have to face it someday...until tht day, I want to enjoy my time!!! >_<

3:43 AM  
Anonymous philippecr said...

just go and use Opera instead! Firefox giv out some problem tis days.

3:40 AM  

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