Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Spring time for me :D

Hei, its me again, after so long......
haha looks like I really cant make it a habit to continue writing in my blog, like most things tht I gave up halfway. I guess its just my character :P AH, Why me so lazy >__<.
So, what brings me back here?
Erm, guess I was just bored and I visited a few blogs and it just ignites back tht old flame for blogging.
Hehe, I think no one reads my blogs anyways, since i've not updated it for so long.
But anyways, just wanna put in some things here today.
Erm, right now, there's this girl I met during New Year's Eve, hehe, I find tht she is cute :P and am quite interested in her.
The prob is, i dun really have experience in "this stuff" before and I think i might make a few mistakes here and there...
Mm, I think I've found someone with the same brain wavelength as me XD..she's fun to talk to and sumtimes I just wanna see her :P, argh but I think I shouldn't rush things too much.
I wonder how she thinks bout me, hope I'm not too pushy or anything rawrawrawr..
Anyways, gotta keep trying...umph!


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