Saturday, January 02, 2010


People say, you can't change or expect someone to change. You'll only end up getting hurt if you think you can change him/her. Over the years, I also finally accepted it. But you did change did you not? I can see from an insecure girl initially who would stressed up if I were to leave you for a period of time to now, someone who accepted LDR when previously you did not. Someone who has became more open and matured and is able to accept more things like liking someone online. You are gaining more traits that I find ideal in a person I like.
Can I say that you changed because of me?Maybe you would not think so haha. Maybe its also coz people will mature in time.
But I would like to believe that I did. It has always been my intention to try to bring out the best in you.
I regret that maybe I did not do it in a more subtle way :'). Shouldn't advise too much ya..
I hope that you would become the person that everyone will come to look up to. Someone who will risk everything for the one's they love. ^^ I am someone like that, and I think you know it. You also are risking everything now for love, I'm just jealous that person isn't me :'(
Its like growing crops in a farm, after all the effort, they are taken away by someone else. He may not have to endure your wrath like I used to ya ^^ haha.. and he is going to receive your unconditional love. But I think you were like that initially when you are with me so I guess things just got sour.
Sorry ya, I just have to vent out a bit. These are the things that went through my mind after reading ur post ne.
Again ne, I don't dare claim that I did all that. Its just a selfish thought.I could only wish you happiness now :') I understand how you feel, I do hope you can find what you want.


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