Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Theories Cont..

The Kawaii(Cute) Person

Scientific name: Cutika Pudica
Normal Name: The Cute Girl/Guy
Characteristics: Puppy Eyes, Big Head,
Special Abilities: Kawaii Ray, Nekomimi Mode

The cute person originates from the isolated land of Puik Puik. There the community of cute people thrive from an infinite supply of energy from their leader, the Puhi King. It is rumoured that the Puhi King is so cute that anyone who looks directly at him will instantly be petrified with a silly smile on their face. In order to prevent this, the Puhi King distributes his cute energy to all his citizen, transforming them into cute little creatures with a fraction of the king's imba cuteness. Over the years, these cute people has travelled far and wide throughout the world bringing joy and happiness to those who needs them.


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