Thursday, January 07, 2010

Last Goodbye.

Hi dear :), I asked you yea, if I were to disappear from your world, would you miss me? If I were to be thrown overboard, would you come for me? I have to disappear from you now. Its not an act of desperation ya. I've done all I could and you said it would be best for me too. It hurts too much. When I say my body cant get used to it, I mean my hands dun feel right not holding yours, and my cheek dun feel warm not being rubbed by yours. (gg, dun think perverted stuff pls O_O, I oso haven't thought of it).
I dun know how I would fare from now, but I will always be hoping in the rare instance that you would want to come back to me, come find me ba.
Who knows I'll still be there being all blur and piaking on the floor. These 3 years I've been with you, we've known each other and done more and talked more than with anybody else. It's something that goes deeper than just being happy with you around, or playing and laughing together. I thought I have forgotten things as so much has happened, but now I know that I've not. I know you still care for me since it's a habit d. I'll try to take care of myself so dun worry bout me.
Experiencing the death of a close one would change someone, would make you realize how important loved ones and life is. I experienced my first at the age of 12. From that time, I think I changed to love ppl more, to hurt ppl less and treasure the present as much as possible. How have you changed?

This is the last post on this blog which all the recent post are meant for you.
Making this the last one gives me privilege to say whatever I want (self imposed :P). So I'll say

I MAY BE A NOOB BUT KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH, and that is proof enough that what I feel cant be fake.

I think I am the first guy who's quite different from you (I still feel there is alot of similarities tho, other ppl think so too) thats stuck to you for so long. I'm special pif..

Moshi Dear :D, pikuru wa ima saigo no sayonara to imasu. (Its like my 2nd name d ^^)
I'm gonna miss you so much. :*
Thanks for spending my birthday with me :)



Blogger HimitsuHeart said...

普通朋友 | pu tong peng you | ordinary friend

Deng dai

Wo sui shi sui di de deng dai
I’ll wait, any time or place

Zuo ni gan qing shang de yi lai
Depending on your feelings

Wo mei you ren he de yi wen
I have no doubts

Zhe shi ai
This is love

Wo cai ni zao jiu xiang yao shuo ming bai
I’m guessing that you’ve always wanted to make it clear

Wo jue de ji zi hao shi bai
I’m disappointed in myself

Cong tian tang diao luo dao shen yuan
From heaven, I drop down into the abyss

Duo wu nai
I’m so helpless

我愿意改变 (what can i do?)
Wo yuan yi gai bian
I’m willing to change

重新再来一遍 (just give me change)
Chong xin zai lai yi bian
To start afresh from the beginning

Wo wu fa zhi shi pu tong peng you
There is no way that I am just an ordinary friend

Gan qing yi na me shen
My feelings are so deep

Jiao wo zhen me neng fang shou
How can you tell me to just let go?

但你说 i only want to be your friend 做个朋友
Dan ni shuo ‘I only want to be your friend’ zuo ge peng you
But you say to me that you only want to be my friend

我在你心中只是just a friend 不是情人
Wo zai ni xin zhong zhi shi ‘just a friend’ bu shi qing ren
In your heart I am only a friend and not a lover

Wo gan ji ni dui wo zhe yang de tan bai
I appreciate you telling me how you feel

Dan wo gei ni de ai zan shi shou bu hui lai
But the love that I feel for you, I cannot take back

so i 我不能只是be your friend
so I wo bu neng zhi shi be your friend
so I can’t just be your friend

i just can't be your friend

Wo bu neng zhi shi zuo ni de peng you
I can’t just be your friend

Bu neng zhi shi zuo pu tong peng you
I’m not just going to be an ordinary friend

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