Friday, January 15, 2010

My Theories (inspired by Iori) XD

About the Quiet type of person

Scientific name: Silenta Nospeka
Normal name: The Quiet Guy/Girl
Characteristics: Quiet
Special Abilities: Quiet Aura, Silent Glare, Supersonic Scream

The quiet person you see around you is actually not quiet at all. They are emitting sounds above the frequency which humans can hear. When a person tries to converse with a quiet person, the quiet person actually talks back but normal people just cant hear what they are saying. These poor misunderstood peoples are often alienated. In reality, quiet people are very caring and love to give their thoughts and opinions but due to the fact that no one can hear them, they don't care about them.
The secret trick is to actually look at them. Look at their eyes, their body movements and then one can begin to see what they are trying to say :)


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