Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GACC 2010

GACC stands for Games, Anime, Comic Circle and it is an event hosted by committee members assembled from the EMiNa Japanese Animation Club in MMU, Melaka. It's basically an event which as quoted from their website.
"not only covers the anime, comics (manga) and game aspects but also other means of entertainment commonly found in Malaysia."
In short: "Spreading teh Love"
One can visit http://whatisgacc.com/ andhttp://blog.whatisgacc.com/ to find out more XD.
This year it was held from 20th to 21st March in MMU and I went there on the last day (more like tag along with my sister who likes these stuff too).

What I can say about it.
Lotsa cosplayers *_*, cute ones too
Anime merchandise like figurines, plushies, DVDs..etc (the glass and cups are really nice but cost a lot)
Music (they have a band, tho sumtimes I find it too loud XD)
A crazy emcee, (he's funny and good)
Doujin and other fan created merchadise
Many people carrying BIG cannons (cameras XD)
Magic The Gathering tournament
Video game tournaments (like Soul Caliber, Tekken 6..)
and more..

The atmosphere is pretty good and there are lotsa people. The energy in the place is high. People were having fun taking pic, posing, playing games, buying stuff, selling stuff. Maybe I'll try cosplaying one day :P.

Pics of the event

Arms dealer @@ selling weapons

The 2 crazy Emcees

Teh Figurines...teh precioussssss~~~

The band, "DESU"

Cosplayers PIC

Ooh, a Sakura :D

Trinity Blood

Ouran High School Host club.. the twins are cute.

Omg, Master Chief (Halo) with lights on the helmet @@

Chibi Yufie and Naruto

Chibi Yufie *heart*

Up close Chibi Yufie

The pplzzz with their Cannons

Thats all :) *bang*


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